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Many companies have elected to operate their business as a "Drug Free Environment", while others involved in interstate commerce or special industries are mandated to do so by law. A key component of a successful drug prevention program is a quality testing system. Drug testing in business is typically performed on three occasions: pre-hire, post-incident and randomly. The value of the testing program falls squarely on the quality of the testing facility, personnel and methodology.

GPG offers highly qualified experts with certifications from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to assist you in every aspect of policy construction, vendor selection, and validation of your drug-testing program. When needed, our staff will be available to train management in drug abuse prevention and detection.

Request for Information:

Please forward all requests for information regarding drug testing systems services to e-mail address: or contact Griffin Personnel Group via telephone at (800) 938-2114. We look forward to addressing your inquiry.